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Is this safe? Yes! All purchases are protected by our SimpleSeats Guarantee. We guarantee that your purchase is safe, protected, and that you will receive your tickets on time, but don't take our word for it! Do I have to pay anything on top of the ticket price? Nope! We charge our sellers a small 10% fee, but buyers don't pay anything extra. How do I know the tickets are authentic? All purchases are protected by our SimpleSeats Guarantee. We guarantee that your purchase is safe, protected, and that you will receive your tickets on time. If you have any problems, shoot us an email at [email protected]. It's what we're here for! Why can't I see exact seat numbers? To be honest, our ticket brokers could get in trouble if the exact seat numbers made known publicly (i.e. season ticket holders selling tickets to individual games is often not allowed by certain venues). By not showing exact seat numbers, we are able to protect our brokers and provide you with the best deals. Can I select the number of tickets I want? Yes and no. Since one ticket is less likely to sell than two tickets together, brokers can specify what quantities their tickets are available in. Since we have such a large volume of tickets available, the odds are excellent that you will be able to buy the number of seats you want in the sections you want for a price you love. Will our seats be together? Yes! All tickets purchased together will be together. If you want to sit separately, you must make multiple purchases. What is the Score Report? We know that price isn't the only factor that goes into purchasing a ticket. To help you make the best decision, SimpleSeats ranks each seat on the basis of how good of a deal it is. How close to the event can I buy tickets? As long as tickets are available, you can purchase tickets up to the start time of the event. Can I add to my order after I purchase tickets? Not exactly. If tickets are available in the same row as your previous purchase, those tickets can be purchased separately. If you email us at [email protected], we will contact the broker to make sure he puts the tickets together. Do you sell parking passes? Yes, but not for all events. You can find available parking passes by checking the box "Only Show Parking Passes" under the Refine Listings tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the event page. Why was my card charged when my purchase didn't go through? No need to worry! The charge on your card was only an authorization to make sure you have enough cash to buy the tickets you want. If the purchase did not go through, the information is voided, and the hold on your funds will be lifted within 24-48 hours. To get the funds lifted sooner, email us at [email protected] and we will contact your bank for you.
How soon will I get my tickets? No matter what, we guarantee to deliver your tickets to you before the event. If the event is within 48 hours, you'll receive the confirmation and ship date within 2 business hours. If the event is more than three days away, you'll receive a confirmation with delivery info within one business day. If I purchase tickets on the day of the event when will I receive them? If the tickets are labeled as "e-tickets," you'll receive them within 2 business hours of your purchase. If the purchase is within 2 hours of your event, you'll receive them within 20 minutes. What if the tickets are "local pickup"? If the tickets are labeled as "local pickup", then the tickets are available for pick up as close to the venue as possible. The tickets will often be held for you at the nearest FedEx location, or if a more convenient location is available SimpleSeats will arrange that. You will need to go to the location and show a photo id to pick up your tickets. Why is someone else's name on my tickets? Any name that is printed on your tickets merely reflect the original purchaser's name and has no effect on your entry. What if I need to change my shipping address? Not a problem. Just send us an email to [email protected] with your transaction id and confirm where you want the tickets to be shipped to.
Can I sell tickets if they aren't in-hand yet? If you have ordered tickets and they haven't been received yet, you can enter your anticipated shipment date when you accept the offer. To continue bringing you the best deals, once a purchase is final, your purchase cannot be changed or cancelled. Is there a cut-off date to list my tickets for sale before the event? If you have e-tickets, you may list your tickets for sale up until the event begins. If you have physical tickets, you may list them up to three days before the event. How much Does it Cost to List Tickets? There's no cost to list your tickets for sale. When your tickets sell, there's a 10 percent commission on the total sale price. The 10% commission is automatically deducted from the payment we send. When and how will I get paid if my tickets are purchased? Sellers who list their tickets for sale on SimpleSeats will be paid via PayPal. Payment will be made the second Wednesday after the event occurs. Payments will be mailed to the email address you have on file with SimpleSeats. How do I deliver my tickets? If your tickets are in the form of an electronic PDF file, you will upload those tickets to our website using the link in your confirmation email. If you have physical tickets, you will follow the link in your confirmation email to print out a FedEx label. You will not have to pay any FedEx fees. Can I list my tickets on SimpleSeats and on other marketplaces at the same time? Yes, but if your tickets sell on SimpleSeats after they sold somewhere else, you will be charged a replacement fee. The replacement fee is the difference in cost of your tickets to the new tickets offered to the customer by SimpleSeats.
I placed an order. Can I cancel it? Sorry, but we have to hold up our user agreement to both our buyers and sellers, and as required by sellers, all sales are final. What if my event is postponed? If your event is postponed, your tickets will be good for the new date. You will receive an email from us with the new event information. If you cannot go to the new date of your event, you can resell your tickets on our partner site here. What if my event is canceled? If your event is cancelled and not rescheduled you'll receive a full refund (applies to playoffs as well).
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